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Construction Management
Obtaining the Project
Project Stages
Programming and Feasibility (Needs, Goals and Future Expansion)
Schematic Design (Sketches based on Programming and Feasibility Inforamtion)
Design Development (Research and Product Investigation for Cost)
Contract Documents (Finals Plans and Specifications for Bidding and Construction)

This pre-construction phase starts after the owner has issued a "Notice to Proceed" to the selected contractor. The
construction phase start when the design team and owner will meet with the general contractor to discuss the process of
construction, payments, change orders, project closet-out and any other issues the team may have.

Monthly Progress Meetings:
The owner or owner's finical institution may require monthly progress meeting with all parties to ensure that the project stays on
track and within budget.

Construction Site Inspections:
The owner or owner's finical institution may require monthly site inspections to ensure progress and to process pay applications.

Submitttal Reviews:
This is a process to review information from the contractor and related trades to ensure the products meet or exceed the
Contract Documents. This is also the time that product substitution can be approved or disapproved.

Puchout (Inspection of the project for any item that has not been completed or broken items and alert the contractor of these
Substantial Completion (Inspection of the project of compliance with Contract Documents and issues the certificate)
- Low-bid (Lowest bid out of multiple bids)
- Best-value (Based on price and qualifications)
- Qualifications-based (Based on qualifcation of Contractor)
- Open Bids (Public Project due to public advertising)
- Closed Bids (Private Project due to invitations only)
- Lump-sum (Total fixed fee for project construction)
- Cost-Plus (Fixed fee plus unexpected item cost)
- Guaranteed Max. Price (Project not exceed given fee)
- Unit-Price (Based on items purchase price + labor)
If you need a quote for any or all of the services listed above please feel free to
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